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4848 is the pioneer of intercity transportation from Jakarta to Bandung, the first in Indonesia. the name 4848 comes from the company's founding date, which was on August 4, 1959. Since it was founded, we have always used the number 4848 behind it, such as for car number plates and telephone numbers.

When 4848 was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine, inter-city transportation cars were still very rare. In general, many people travel by train or bus. However, because of the difficulty of getting inter-city transportation, the founder of 4848, namely Mr. Irawan Sarpingi got the idea to establish public transportation that makes travel between cities easier.

At that time, Mr. Irawan Sarpingi was still serving as a member of the Indonesian National Army accompanying the Deputy Chief of Army Staff - General Gatot Subroto. However, he saw that many Indonesian National Army comrades had difficulty returning home or on weekends to Bandung after serving.  After seeing these difficulties, Mr. Irawan Sarpingi got the idea to try to help his friends by renting a Suburband car that was driven directly by him and later it could be used as a service for the community and the Indonesian National Army.

4848 usually picks up passengers directly at home and delivers them to their destination (door to door service). Therefore, 4848 is also referred to as the Pioneer of Inter-City Transport with a door-to-door shuttle service.

Initially, the vehicles used by the 4848 used cars from the United States, such as the Chevrolet Suburband, Dodge and others. The car generally has a capacity of 9 passengers.

In addition to the suburband type, the 4848 also uses a legendary car, namely the Holden Sedan produced from Australia and generally has a capacity of only 5 passengers. Taxi 4848 is also present in  one thousand nine hundred and seventies, and dominates urban transportation, especially in big cities in West Java.

In the nineteen hundred and eighties, 4848 reached its peak when the taxi business within the city and between cities ruled the streets of Bandung. This is due to the absence of the Cipularang toll road connecting Jakarta and Bandung as it is today.

Currently, the 4848 company still exists with various kinds of businesses Chair by 2nd Generation of the family, Mr. Dadan Irawan Sarpingi, BSc., MIBA, successfully expand into several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and The United States.

4848 still serves 4848 transportation services on the Bandung route to cities in West Java, such as Garut, Pangandaran, Banjar, Ciamis, Cirebon and Kuningan. Not only that, we continue to serve expeditions to several areas in West Java and Jakarta

Alm. Irawan Sarpingi
ratu juliana
4848 tahun 70-90'an
Alm. Irawan Sarpingi beserta keluarga dengan tamu dari Arab Saudi
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